Find out what makes our Series 1 Artists' Paper Stretcher unique below.

Simple-To-Use Spring-Clip System.

With it's incredibly simple spring-clip system, our original Series 1 Artists' Paper Stretchers make paper stretching quick and effortless.

No Creased Or Torn Margins.

Unlike other devices on the market, the Artists’ Paper Stretcher achieves flawlessly flat paper without damaging the margins. No folding or creasing is involved in order to gain traction to the stretch paper, meaning no torn margins and no needing to trim the margins.

Light Or Heavyweight Paper.

Use whichever weight of paper you like. From lightweight to heavyweight, the Artists’ Paper Stretcher can handle them all.

Use More Than One Medium.

Watercolour, Acrylic, or Ink. If cockling is the problem then the Artists’ Paper Stretcher is the solution

Take Your Watercolour With You.

A thin and lightweight design mean taking your watercolour with you to the classroom or to the great outdoors is easy. Stretching your watercolour wherever you are was never easier.

Get More Freedom Of Expression.

The Artists’ Paper Stretcher affords artists the ability to use as much water as they want when they want. This means greater freedom of expression founded upon reliably flat results.