Paper Stretching Made Even Easier

Building upon the success of our Series 1 Artists' Paper Stretcher, the new Series 2 makes paper stretching even easier with it's easy-to-use turn-clip system, which helps deliver the same beautifully stretched paper, but with even less effort.

Gain complete control over your watercolour paper to remove the guesswork from paper stretching and save time & effort

With the same award-winning performance as the Series 1, our Series 2 streamlines and simplifies the entire process involved in stretching watercolour paper and keeping it beautifully flat without torn or creased margins.

Sizes To Suit You

Available in standard A series and imperial sizes, along with size 12in x 16in, our Series 1 Artists' Paper Stretchers are also available in bespoke sizes, which can be tailor-made to your exact size requirements. 

Keep Your A Series Watercolour Paper Flawlessly Flat.

Available to order in sizes A5, A4, and A3, our innovative Series 2 Artists' Paper Stretchers are perfect for watercolour artists wishing to use A series size paper.

Explore the collection and select the size you wish to work with below.

Imperial Size Watercolour, Beautifully Stretched.

Our new Series 2 Artists' Paper Stretcher comes available three different imperial sizes, which are 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 imperial.

Explore the collection and select the size you wish to work with below.

We also supply our Series 2 Artists' Paper Stretcher in size 12in x 16in.

Shop our 12in x 16in Series 2 Artists' Paper Stretcher below.

Sizes Tailor-made To You.

Want to work with a different size of paper, which isn't listed on our site? No problem, get in touch with us below, send us your requirements, and we'll give you a quick quote for a fully bespoke Series 1 Artists' Paper Stretcher.